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Joanne K. Rowling – Life and Books:
Nw Robert Galbraith Website Released as "Strike" Made Debut on BBC One.
• J.K. Rowling discusses writing "The Cuckoos Calling" BBC One TV Series Adaptation.

Harry Potter – Actors and Movies:
Emma Watson Named Most Influential Celebrity.
Domhall Gleeson on the Pressures of Working on "Harry Potter".

Fantastic Beasts – Actors and Movies:
SpeakBeasty Episode 44.
Similar Moments in "Harry Potter" and "Fantastic Beasts" Films.
"Fantastic Beasts" 2s New Casting Reveals Possible Ballroom Scene and More UK Aurors.
"Fantastic Beasts" Stars Promote Lumos Fundraiser.

[ profile] hd_erised posted Submission Information for the 2017 Fest.
[ profile] hp_nextgen_fest posted Headers.
[ profile] hd_owlpost Sign-ups are Open.
[ profile] hp_crossgenfest posted Some Notes About the Future of HP Cross Gen Fest.

Masterlists and Weekly Round-ups:
[ profile] hp_crossgenfest posted the Masterlist and Reveals.

Hot Art:
Timeless by [ profile] kiertorata (Hermione Granger/Lily Evans; NC-17)
Summary:Hermione had always been a resourceful witch.

Hot Rec:
Unexpected Company by [ profile] gracerene(Ron Weasley/Teddy Lupin; NC-17, 4,937 words)
Summary:Ron doesn’t really know what to do with his new bachelor status, or with himself at this rotten party, but the booze is good, and very free, and Teddy Lupin is turning out to be unexpectedly good company.

Darling, Don't Think Twice by [ profile] shiftylinguini(Harry Potter/Teddy Lupin; NC-17, 18,081 words)
Summary:Leaving the Aurors, and then England, after his divorce with Ginny was finalised was the best thing for Harry, and for Ginny, too ― but not for the godson who worshipped the ground he walked on. Now that he’s back, all Harry wants is to set up his own place, and to spend time with Teddy as he tries to fix their fractured relationship. Teddy, however, wants something else from Harry, and there’s only so many ways Harry can tell him no.

Putting Out Fires (with Gasoline) by [ profile] lq_traintracks (Harry Potter/Teddy Lupin; NC-17, 13,633 words)
Summary:Teddy stays with Harry for a summer to help him figure out his life, or maybe to figure out his own, or to seduce his godfather, or maybe to fall in love.

The Company Ink by gryffindorj (Draco Malfoy/James Sirius Potter; NC-17, 9,380 words)
Summary:Why was Pansy always so god damned right?

A Stroke of Luck by [ profile] mindabbles (Draco Malfoy/James Sirius Potter; NC-17, 17,715 words)
Summary:James wants two things. A successful career as an Auror and the head of the Auror training department. His first assignment takes an unexpected turn and he’s on the way to getting both.

Fandom Recs:
[ profile] mywitch recced a Severus Snap/Hermione Granger fic.
[ profile] madeleone recced a Severus Snappe/Hermione Granger fic.

Dual Fandoms: Harry Potter, Buffy, and the Risk of Comparison.
Newsflash: Owning More Merchandise Does Not Make You a Better Fan.
Dumbledore's Army: Still Recruiting.

General Fandom News:
Rumours of New Harry Potter Legos Coming 2018.
Help Save Muggle Erumpents with the Fantastic Beasts Foundation.

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