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Name:The Daily Snitch
Website:The Daily Snitch
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Community description:Harry Potter Fandom Newsletter

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Welcome to the Daily Snitch, a Harry Potter fandom newsletter. Editors post three times a week with news gleaned from all over the Internet.

To read the Daily Snitch on your friends list, just add [community profile] daily_snitch to your friends list by clicking here. You don't join the community. Only editors are allowed to join the comm.

Guidelines for posting to the [community profile] daily_snitch:

Joanne K. Rowling: Links to articles, news, interviews, videos etc. relating to Joanne K. Rowling, the author of the Harry Potter series.

Actors and Movies: Links to articles, news bulletins, interviews, videos, etc. relating to the film franchise of the Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them movies or any of the actors.

Archive: The [community profile] daily_snitch will link to public archives. It does not link to personal archives regardless of where they are hosted. This section is intended to highlight news about archives around the fandom, not to promote individual fans or their works.

Prompt Challenges: The [community profile] daily_snitch will only link to fan work prompt challenge posts if the challenge runs for two weeks or longer. Any challenges that run for less than two weeks (think weekly challenges on a drabble community) will not be linked to. The [community profile] daily_snitch will not post reminders of challenge deadlines unless these change from the originally announced ones.

Communities: The [community profile] daily_snitch will post announcements of new communities, regardless if they are open or closed membership. However, the [community profile] daily_snitch will not post challenges or other announcements directed at members of closed communities. We will not link to new communities that are created for the purpose of posting stories by a single author and/or collaborators.

Community Spotlight: This category will highlight one specific Harry Potter community. The Editor-in-Charge chooses the community. Suggestions are welcome; please email the Daily Snitch.

Discussions: The [community profile] daily_snitch will include posts with questions and discussions that are relevant to fandom. There is a certain amount of subjectivity in this area; for example, we won't link to 20 posts on the same subject, but we will try to give a broad and varied range of opinions.

Editor's Choice Rec: Recommendations of fanart, fanfiction, podfic or video chosen by the Editor-in-Charge. Please don't send suggestions, as these recs are entirely by discretion of the Editor in charge for the Edition.

Essay: Links to structured and/or academic-style discourses on subjects relevant to the Harry Potter series and/or Harry Potter-fandom related topics. We may also include essays on general topics that primarily or heavily reference Harry Potter canon or fandom.

Fandom: Links specifically related to events and happenings in the Harry Potter fandom, both online and offline -- conventions, podcasts, charity initiatives, etc. The [community profile] daily_snitch will link to multi-fandom projects that include Harry Potter in some form; however, we will not link to things like event registration deadline reminders, personal convention reports, individual multi-fandom podcast episodes, etc.

General Interest: Links not specifically related to the Harry Potter fandom but of interest to fannish users of the platforms on which the [community profile] daily_snitch is published (LiveJournal, Insane Journal, Dreamwidth), such as planned service outage notices, staff posts about changes that may impact fandom, notable essays/discussions about fandom, media references to fandom or fan works, etc.

Have a Laugh: Links to Harry Potter-related humour -- parody videos, joke compilations, satirical essays, etc. What gets linked here depends on the editor; however, the [community profile] daily_snitch will not link to humorous/crack fan fiction or fan art/comics unless they are submitted as a Hot Rec/Hot Art.

Hot Art & Hot Rec: All fics or works of art that have been recced at least 2 times in public (not friends-locked and/or filtered) posts (not comments) on all fannish websites or social media can be included as a Hot Rec in the [community profile] daily_snitch. For the pairings most popular for Hot Recs – Harry/Draco, Harry/Severus and Remus/Sirius – three recs are required. This is a test. We'll go with this policy for the next six months, then we'll re-evaluate to see whether we get a broader pairing variety of Hot Recs this way or not.

Mentions in any fandom newsletter or links to stories/artworks without an explanation why they're being recommended do not count as recs. The [community profile] daily_snitch will link to stories hosted anywhere.
NEW      The [community profile] daily_snitch now allows recs from all fannish websites or social media platforms to count towards a Hot Rec or Hot Art. The reccer needs to state, in their own words, why they rec the fic or art. Just a "I rec this" is not enough.

Please send your submissions for Hot Recs to They should include title, author/artist, possible pairings (full names of characters), the rating and the summary. Works in progress will be recced more than once if there have been at least 5 new chapters since the last mention in the [community profile] daily_snitch. When sending recs, please include at least two (or three) links to posts where the story has been recced.

Masterlists and Weekly Updates: Links to Harry Potter Fest or other Masterlists and Weekly Roundups. Special interest masterlists are included here, too.

Nifty: Links of fannish interest related to the Harry Potter series that don't quite fit elsewhere -- for example, notable fan videos, Harry Potter food/drink recipes, craft (cosplay and replica) tutorials, live-action events like Quidditch or Wizard Chess that receive media coverage, etc.

Participate: Links to polls, fandom project/fest proposal discussions, and other activities that don't require creating fan works to participate.

Pottermore News: All news from and related the Pottermore website and Pottermore Insider Blog.

Rants: As long as a rant is directed at something fictional, for example, a character or a fanfiction cliché, the [community profile] daily_snitch will link to it. When a rant, community or something else is directed at people and/or their work specifically (writers, artists, archivists, etc.) the [community profile] daily_snitch will not link to it.

Resource: Links to fannish resources such as the [community profile] daily_snitch Special Editions, thematic wikis or encyclopedias, eligible rec posts, detailed or statistical analyses of a specific aspect of the canon (for example, a full overview of the frequencies with which each spell was used in the books or movies), guides to the fandom or some part of it (for example, an up-to-date listing of all communities for a specific ship), etc.

Regarding rec posts: The [community profile] daily_snitch will only link to rec posts/websites that have more than 10 fics recced in the same post/update. This does not apply to common pairings unless all listed stories deal with a specific aspect of a ship. For example, we won't link to anyone listing 10 or more random Harry/Snape fics, but we will link to anyone reccing 10 or more Harry/Snape non-con fics set after the war.

Searches: The [community profile] daily_snitch will only link to fic/thematic searches when they're for a rare pairing and/or for a specific theme. For example: we will not link to a random Draco/Ron fic search, but we will link to a search for Draco/Ron crossdressing stories. We will not link to a search for random non-con fics (since this is one of the most popular kinks/themes which has its own archives/communities), but we will link to a thematic search for afterlife stories (since this is a rare theme).

Additional Notes:

Legal Issues: Anything that violates US copyright laws in regard to the movies, books, and/or soundtracks will not be included in the [community profile] daily_snitch.

The [community profile] daily_snitch will link to fandom charity initiatives such as auctions and fundraisers (including multi-fandom projects as long as Harry Potter fan works are eligible for inclusion); however, we will do so only once per community, and we will link to the main community only. The [community profile] daily_snitch will not link to individual posts, specific auctions or auction groups, or post deadline reminders.

Privacy: The [community profile] daily_snitch wants to guarantee the privacy of every poster. For this reason, we never link to friends-locked or filtered posts. On occasion, posts are locked after we link them, in which case a simple comment will be enough for us to remove the link. Moreover, if anyone wishes for us not to link/remove a post, we will always respect the poster's request.

Visit our tag page if you look for specific content, or for Special Editions on one character. Starting November 2014, posts will be tagged so they can be searched through the tag page. Tags include tags for #pottermore, for #jfk news, for #meta, for #hot rec, for #hot art, for #fantastic beasts (news about the upcoming movies) and more.

Special Editions: Special Editions has started again in January of 2015. The submissions must be either gen with the featured character heavily involved or ship-specific with the featured character a part of the main pairing. Fics with other pairings where the featured character is featured will not be included.

Videos: No videos rated NC-17 will be linked.

The [community profile] daily_snitch reserves the right to reject any submission, if it feels that the poster is trying to circumvent our rules or if the post is detrimental to the [community profile] daily_snitch and fandom in general.

We, as editors, rely on our readers to find interesting posts. Unlike a newspaper, we do not have a large staff that can cover every corner of fandom, and we can only do our best in searching for interesting things. Whether it falls under Discussion or Hot Rec, we welcome all submissions. When making submissions, please include the link. If you'd like something worded in a special manner, include that too.

Please note that individual editors will make decisions to include or not to include links or to use specific wording at their own discretion.

If you have any other questions, feel free to contact us at
Please do not PM us. We are not checking LJ messages.

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